9:00 Opening Remarks
9:10 Prof. Markita Landry (University of California, Berkeley)
“Nanomaterials Enable Delivery of Genetic Material Without Transgene Integration in Mature Plants”
9:40 Prof. Daniel J. Cosgrove (Penn State University)
“Relating cell wall structure to cell wall mechanical properties: experiments and modeling”
10:10 Break
10:20 Prof. Keiji Numata (ERATO, Kyoto University, RIKEN)
“Peptide chemistry-mediated plant organellar modifications”
10:50 Prof. Yutaka Kodama (ERATO, Utsunomiya University, RIKEN)
“Molecular and cellular temperature sensing for chloroplast positioning”
11:20 Photo session Break
13:00 Poster Session
14:30 Prof. Shin-ichi Arimura (The University of Tokyo)
“Targeted base editing for plastid and mitochondrial genomes”
15:00 Prof. Kazuki Saito (RIKEN Center for Sustainable Resource Science)
“Phytochemical genomics - from Arabidopsis and beyond”
15:30 Break
15:40 Prof. Taku Demura (Nara Institute of Science and Technology)
“Plant biomechanics influenced by changes in chemistry of secondary cell walls”
16:10 Prof. Gregor Anderluh (National Institute of Chemistry, Slovenia)
“Plant sphingolipid-toxin interactions in microbial pathogenesis”
16:40 Closing Remarks